Unified Enterprises Corporation has been specializing
in soft frozen desserts and equipment since 1984 and we
are the leader in the Soft Frozen Dessert Industry in
Hawaii.  We offer high quality equipment by various soft
serve manufactoring companies, such as Wilch, Taylor,
Electro Freeze, Nissei and others.  We provide a variety of
soft serve dessert mixes such as yogurt, ice cream,
non-dairy and sherbert.
Machine Purchase
New and previously owned equipment from various
manufacturers are available for purchase.  We can help to
find the best machine to suit your needs.  For information,
pricing and shipping costs, call (808) 235-5923, or you
may contact us by clicking
Commercial, Institutional & Industrial (Hawaii only)
For our wholesale customers, we offer several types of
rental program packages which includes a soft serve
machine, maintenance and product.  We will arrange
equipment shipping, delivery and installation.  Additionally,
more, are included in our program packages.
Request for Information.
(808) 235-5923

E-mail Unified Enterprises at uec-hawaii@hawaii.rr.com
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